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Akedo: Ultimate Arcade Warriors!

1 Season | 5 - 11 Minutes | 2D Animation | Kids 6 - 12

Season 1:

Story Editor, Producer, Writer

Season 2:

Story Editor, Producer, Writer

Welcome to Akedo, the world’s biggest virtual reality tournament! Gamers choose from a range of powerful and quirky Akedo Warriors to battle in the ultimate fighting game mashup. Jet, Bria and Cub are three players determined to become Ultimate Akedo Champions, but they’ll soon find out that not all gamers play fair.

Akedo: Ultimate Arcade Warriors is a digital-lead animated series created around the incredibly action-packed, collectible toyline of the same name from Moose Toys. Beginning with an 11 Minute Pilot, followed by 15 x 5 minute episodes, the series is purposefully crafted for release across AVOD and SVOD platforms, and drawing audiences from all corners of the world. The series combines humour and action into an awe-inspiring virtual reality world.

Ready, Fight, Split Strike!
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