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Caillou's New Adventures

5 Seasons | 5 Minutes | 2D Animation | Kids 2 - 5 

Seasons 2 - 5:

Showrunner, Head Writer, Director

Season 1:

Writer, Assistant Producer, Sound Designer.

Caillou is a curious and excitable 4 year old boy, who loves to learn and explore the world around him, and go on fun-filled adventures inside his own imagination. From riding the subway for the first time, to battling Dragons, and even working with Santa to save Christmas, there are no limits to the adventures Caillou can have alongside his little sister, Rosie, and best friends Clementine, Leo, Sarah - and of course, Gilbert the cat!​​

Caillou's New Adventures is a digital-first reinvention of the now-classic Caillou show that tells original Caillou stories that expand and modernise the world of the show (whilst maintaining the timeless quality of the original) and work best for release across AVOD and SVOD platforms. With a focus on engaging the audience's imagination, as well as helping to guide children through real-world problems and issues they may face, Caillou is the best friend of millions of kids around the world, and has gathered a huge following on Youtube, where he enjoys 70 Million monthly views, and over 10.5 Million subscribers across 7 languages.

Season 5 coming 2022!

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