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Guardians of NOD cover.png

Guardians of NOD

52 x 11 Minute | 2D Animation | Kids 8 - 11 | Sci-Fi, Comedy, Action

Creator and Writer

The surreal adventures of 10-year-old twins Sidney and Lucy, who discover they’re next in a long line of Guardians of NOD: Elite defenders of a limitless dimension where everyone goes when they dream, and where all dreams take place – locked in an eternal battle with the nefarious Nightmares that seek to invade.


In the world of NOD (Nexus of Dreams), anything can happen from the distant past or far future, fantastical planets or cavernous oceans, exciting nonsensical adventures, or absolute mundanity – reality in NOD is limited only by the imagination of the dreamer.


Bedtime will never be the same again.

Read the One-Pager pitch elow:

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