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Mish & Mash

40 x 5 Minutes | Live-Action | Animation | Kids 4 - 8

Season 1 & 2:

Creator, Story Editor, Lead Producer, Director

Mish & Mash follows the titular characters as they travel through time and space having exciting, informative adventures and, most of all, a lot of fun. Both Mish & Mash were sent by their respective families to go out into the universe and uncover all of its mysteries – and decided, despite their naturally opposing natures, to team up. Two heads are, usually, better than one, after all!

Every week our heroes jump into their (somewhat) trusty ship, Widget, and blast off to a new and amazing world – some are completely alien, but others are filled with historical figures – Romans, Vikings... even Dinosaurs! Anything is possible! 


Co-Produced with Driver Digital Studios, the show utilizes outlandish ideas, such as a planet full of superheroes or a world made of slime, to both entertain and teach real-world lessons – educational, social, moral, or otherwise - and is comprised of two Puppets, a green screen, and an entire universe brought to life using stock imagery.

Creating and Developing this IP has been great fun, and the show has found a suitable home on YouTube and AVOD platforms.

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