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My (Super) Big Brother

30 x 11 Minute | 2D Animation | Kids 8 - 11 | Action, Adventure, Comedy, Superhero

Original Animated Pilot: Script Available on Request

Creator and Writer

My [Super] Big Brother is an action/adventure super-comedy following the exploits of 11 year old Eli Evans and his honorary big brother Conner... Who is also known as SUPERION -  an amnesiac super-hero who has somehow crashed out of the comic book world he inhabits, and into the real world.

As Eli uses his supreme comic book knowledge to help train Superion back to his old self, and somehow find a way to return home, Superion tries to be the mentor and best friend that Eli desperately needs as he navigates the devious and dastardly world of... middle school.

Read the pitch, and check out the animatic proof-of-concept below:

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