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40 x 5 Minutes | Live-Action | Kids 5 - 7

Season 1:

Creator, Story Editor, Lead Producer, Director

SuperZuzaa is an Action/Comedy series for kids 5 - 7 that follows the titular team of kid Superheroes - comprising of tech-genius Mech, Sketch (who's art work literally jumps off the page) wizard-in-training Maestro, and excitable teleporter Shift - as they do battle against the nefarious Dr. Chaos, and try again and again to save Zuzaaville from his evil clutches. 

Devised as an expansion of the existing Kiddyzuzaa brand, this series was designed to be agile and responsive to trends across AVOD platforms, and incorporate a data-driven creative approach. Each episode features a problem to be solved, to add educational value (be it academic, social, or moral) as well as plenty of humour and action, and exciting visuals. 

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