Original Projects

Always thinking of new and exciting stories to tell. A few currently in development...

8 - 12

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My (Super) Big Brother

Guardians of NOD

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Original 2D Series, Ages 8 - 12

[Pitch Bible & Animatic]

11-year-old trouble-magnet Eli Evans gets the chance to turn his life around when his favourite comic book Superhero –Superion – inexplicably crash lands into his life, and the real world.

He’d be the perfect super-mentor, if only he could remember who he is or where he came from…

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Original 2D Series, ages 8 - 12

[In Development]

The surreal adventures of 10-year-old twins Sidney and Lucy, who discover they’re next in a long line of Guardians of NOD: Elite defenders of a limitless dimension where all dreams take place – locked in an eternal battle with the nefarious Nightmares that seek to invade.



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Gulp! The Dragon

Original Preschool Picture book Series

[In Development]

All the dragons that live in the volcano are huge and powerful, with incredible flaming roars. Except Gulp, a little dragon who is yet to find his voice... and his flame.

More coming soon!

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Magda Draws

Original Preschool Short-Form Series

[In Development]

Magda is a 5 year old girl who lives a quiet life on a quiet hill... Except she doesn't, because Magda is able to jump into the fantastical worlds of her drawings. 

Her imagination is limitless, and so are her adventures!

More coming soon!